Call of Duty 10 Developers Sledgehammer Games Began to Recruit

Call of duty 9: black action 2 just released last week, players to buy the CD in the home is not yet warm warm, we received a message again, developers have begun to call of duty 10 “recruit the next year. 8 “call of duty: modern warfare 3,” one of the game producer Sledgehammer Games, today posted their latest recruitment advertising, will make the PS3 and Xbox 360 of the next generation of ‘call of duty game recruit, reportedly narration, the call of duty “10 2013 will usher in the return of the modern warfare series, that is the call of duty: 10 4″ modern warfare, but so far no one to confirm that. Homeless star the modern warfare series is about to return? Sledgehammer Games the environment that is advanced to recruit the position of company. And the project description in the AD is written like this: “we are to our development team on call of duty, recruiting, if your passion can let you go all out in work, and desire to help the game in the history of the most successful series of FPS game work, online to apply for this position, please.” The successful candidate will be “under the guidance of art director and creative director for single-player and multiplayer map design work, but also can ensure that these levels in the relevant platform, namely the normal work of the Xbox 360 and PS3.” Homeless star in addition to the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, “the call of duty 9″ also landed the Wii U don’t know the next generation games will be landing platform which it seems, however, it seems we don’t have to expect 10 “call of duty to log on to the next generation of game consoles directly. Because they have already indicated the Xbox 360, rather than the Xbox 720.

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The Call of Duty Ghosts Armed with Guns All

The Call of Duty Ghosts Armed with Guns All

Call of Duty: 10 ghost (the Call of Duty: Ghosts), all armed with guns take! Team phantom new image exposure
Recently, Microsoft’s new host “Xbox One,” the official launch, popularity and COD series sequel “the Call of Duty: 10 ghost (the Call of Duty: Ghosts), also just launches more promotional trailer, including production quality appreciation, practical, and a new engine technology. Is a ghost in the Youtube ads at first party members new image exposure. And all this is not the key, small make up today to share with you is this appearance characters using assault rifle determine model, AK – 47, SCAR – L, TAR – 21 guns are all in the column, please enjoy. Previous exposure to new image homeless star “the call of duty 10: ghost” his weapons: assault rifles, 300 AAC Blackout Honey Badger homeless star CZ Bren homeless sky AK 805-47 homeless star this launch on November 5, including the Xbox One would pre-empt the exclusive DLC, other platforms including Xbox360, PS3, PS4, PC. For more information please attention: the call of duty: 10 ghost zone

The Call of Duty Ghosts San Diego Play Dog Underwater Blast Submarines

The Call of Duty Ghosts San Diego Play Dog Underwater Blast Submarines

Desktop industry media GT GTTV exclusive broadcast of “the call of duty 10: ghost” battle formal demonstration, using the Xbox One platform, released before the submarine warfare and San Diego, team “ghost” stealth bombing enemy submarines, very Hollywood, also released the dogs name “Riley”! “Unmanned undersea warfare: San Diego island” levels: a large number of new details: official at the E3 setting the giant screen of km; Police dog Riley, equipped with light weapons; Control like drones; Controller for tablets, from real seal equipment; A dog can auf to attract people; You can manipulate the dog hit the enemy’s throat; C4 break in slow motion to the dog invasion of house; Real water operations, including diving special assault rifles, Russian APS from real rifle; Rocks and reefs available to cover;

All-round shooting and avoid mechanism; The enemy submarines using sonar shock damage to players, to the environment at the same time oscillation; Players must use with the help of a bunker; We need to use the portability of submarine torpedo attack the enemy; Little hero, the plot revolves around a playable character, and his brother; Destroyed by a major event in the United States, not a third world war; New conflicts, and no contact “modern warfare” series; To use the phantom mask pure is to consider the views of the fans; Russia’s threat with rotten, players will experience the threat from resource-rich countries, which is many in this country in South America to produce oil, but also includes parts of five continents battlefield;

The Call of Duty: Ghosts The First Real Forecast Team Phantom Swagger

The Call of Duty costume: Ghosts The First Real Forecast Team Phantom Swagger

Activision keep issued a “call of duty 10: ghost” of the first trailer, indeed as expected is a live-action version, but the content is not very surprising, wearing a “mask” in the history of the warriors, including Sparta, ninja, warrior, etc., these are to protect themselves, deter enemy, after some time, montage CoD soldiers debut, they put on earlier posters on the design of the mask, to the scene. Reality notice: hd forecast to download the forged by IW, adopts the new next generation engine, with a new story, character, setting, “ghost” will be a new series of CoD.

In addition, this will be on May 21, Microsoft’s next generation host conference real machine demonstration, namely “Xbox720″ edition, released on November 5, landing Xbox360, PS3 and PC, the Wii U, PS4 and Microsoft’s new host.

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There will be Five Versions Star Lord Helmet from Xcoser

There will be Five Versions Star Lord Helmet from Xcoser

As the popular of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, the main character Star Lord is loved by the adults and kids. Many fans of him like the Star Lord mask very much.

If you are also a fan of Star Lord, I think you could come to Xcoser, that you will find the five versions Star Lord masks. They are including the Standard Latex Mask Version, Glow Glass Latex Mask Version, Deluxe Helmet Version, Deluxe Glow Glass Helmet Version and Deluxe DIY Glow Helmet Version, The first two versions are made of Latex, the other three versions are made of PVC.

The Latex versions are on sale now, here are the pictures of them:

Star Lord MaskStar Lord Mask for sale

The PVC ones will be ok on 01/10/2014, you will know more details about these three versions Star Lord masks.

Call of Duty Costume: Why Call of Duty:Ghosts is so Awesomea

Call of Duty Costume: Why Call of Duty:Ghosts is so Awesomea

“Call of Duty” series of games seems to have become evergreen tree game industry. Not only to “Modern Warfare” and “Black Ops” two story lines continued to yield, but also in mainland China launched a regional online game “Call of Duty OL (CODOL)”. For this latest game official sequel to Infinity Ward promised to player’s new storyline, gameplay and characters, such a comprehensive update, players are naturally seen. There Infinity Ward dominate the field, this time the “Call of Duty 10: Ghost”, must be different. Here is the make some unique game features, these features are not completely predecessor, Here we look at and see it together.

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A, man’s best friend as far as we know, the players will have a four-legged partner, or at least involved in controlling the dog-type machines. This mechanical dog can enrich tactical stand-alone mode, hope there will be in the multiplayer mode. Lovable but deadly attacks and strong dog will win a lot of reward for killing players.

2, dynamic maps actually not new dynamic map stuff, “Battlefield 3″ had to take a dynamic map as a gimmick, but Infinity Ward is clearly better than their competitors. In multiplayer maps, when the players are fighting, when nearby buildings could collapse at any time, “Ghost,” the play will be a major innovation in this series. In this way, every game is a dynamic map of fighting special. This is not a bad thing; the battlefield should have more noise, more of an unknown nature.

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3, intelligent AI “ghost” in the AI intelligence has increased that is to say more agile teammates, as well as more deadly enemies. Former teammates will yell at you and let you do this stem that now wants to be able to understand what cooperation. In the diving scene, we can see that even fish have applied the basic AI control. When your robot dog fights in the middle of the enemy, you can observe the enemy’s tactical layout. .

4, the upgraded engine Infinity Ward will be applied the next generation game engine, the game promises speeds will reach 60FPS. Through the new engine, the old game can shine with new vitality. This is for PC players who pour no problem, console gamers are different. Game runs faster, the picture is even more seductive.

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Call of Duty: Ghosts of Actual Combat Demo First Exposure Picture Sharp

Call of Duty: Ghosts of Actual Combat Demo First Exposure Picture Sharp

The call of duty 10 AD has disclosed the technologies, including many practical demonstration, should adopt a new engine for perfect evolution series quality, at the same time also introduced a lot of interesting elements. The follow: call of duty costume.

call of duty cosplay

Technology promotion: hd trailer download technical details: the new engine more lifelike characters, AI more real, in addition to global strike reactionary organization “ghost”, also introduced the mine and so on, with the help of dogs are all made of the motion capture, animation and close to the real; The details of the weapon and equipment is a scale; Introduction of shelters and into the wall play set; Dynamic scenes, such as floods, earthquakes, such as smoke will dynamically change; Have all kinds of fish of the sea, the AI is interesting, if be near you, they will wander; Can damage the environment; Multiplayer support dynamic map, the player can use environmental damage, some random event is also very useful, of course, including floods, etc.; Custom role supporting equipment; This November 5 launch, including the Xbox One would pre-empt the exclusive DLC, other platforms including Xbox360, PS3, PS4, PC. Hd video images:

call of duty costume

Maybe you like watch dogs costume: like watch dogs mask!

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Call of Duty Cosplay is so Cool

Today, with Microsoft’s next-generation console “Xbox One” is officially announced, “Call of Duty 10: Ghost” as the first games of the series are also a large number of actual exposure and publicity machine screen image. As with the new engine production COD sequel, the official nature will not let the player down, in the following picture shows this new engine trailer, players can clearly see the slightest hair, real skin, etc., can be described as almost equal reality effect! The latest promotional video: video screen:

This made officially on sale Nov. 5, in which Xbox One will first exclusive DLC, other platforms including the Xbox360, PS3, PS4, PC.

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Cosplay Deathstroke Mask and Payday Mask from Xcoser are so Awesome

We could see many different kinds of awesome cosplay accessories in the comic con, such as the cool Deathstroke mask and the colorful Payday mask. It seems that the mask is always the important part of the cosplay.

Deathstroke mask

Now, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is hot on show, more and more people become the fans of the movie, and the film is thought better than the preceding crop. In this movie, Winter soldier have gained many fans and they want to cosplay him with the cosplay costumes, such as the Winter Soldier mask, jacket. In my mind, the Winter Soldier arm is so cool, I would like to cosplay him with it.

Another cosplay prop I want to own is the Breaking Bad hat, it looks great and good quality. Of course, we could wear it anytime outside, it’s so fashion.

Ubisoft Watch Dogs will Released On May 27,2014

That’s no doubt that Batman:Arkham Origins is a great game, and I have cosplayed Deathstroke with the Deathstroke mask. Now, another great game Watch Dogs will be released, do you want to play it?

Many game players are looking forward to the Ubisoft’s newest game, Watch Dogs. The principal of Ubisoft said that the reason why Watch Dogs chose to delay, because they want to offer us the best game. If the game released in November last year, we could not see so many good system and element.

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Ubisoft’s associate creative director Lionel Raynaud said that, they have thought that they want to retain some features in the next Watch Dogs game, but they do not. They want to do the best game. They prefer spend more time to make a perfect game. If they don’t do that, they will think the Watch Dogs game is not completed.

Now, what we should do is to wait for Watch Dogs, the great game. Before the game released, many cosers have cosplay the main character in the game with the Watch Dogs cosplay costumes.